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Black & Decker LCS1020 20V Chainsaw Review

 BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 10-InchThis 20-volt marvel from Black & Decker has gained quite a name for itself. The Black & Decker LCS1020 is one of the latest in the company’s lineup, and is great for garden and light- to medium-duty cutting tasks (mainly live branches, green logs, and dry wood).

Salient Features

Below are a handful of primary features that you will find in the Black & Decker LCS1020:

  • The handle is after the bale fashion and has a wraparound design.
  • The low kickback chain and bar is ten inches, which is ideal for several different varieties of cutting and trimming tasks.
  • Speedy adjustments are possible thanks to a tool-free blade tensioning system.
  • The battery is lithium, can handle 20 volts of power output for the engine and leaves the machine charged five times longer than competitor models.
  • Both lifespan and run time are greatly enhanced with the
  • When making the online purchase, you have the option of including a 20V battery or not. There is also standard and frustration-free packing options.
  • It can cut: green logs, live branches, dry wood.


Advantages abound for the Black & Decker LCS1020

  • You can perform some of the widest cuts thanks to the saw’s 10-inch capacity. This certainly includes a wide variety of projects, tasks, and chores.
  • Adjustments made easy… The saw comes with an integrated tensioning system that requires no tools to work the tension for the blade. It auto-adjusts accordingly.

Black and Decker LCS1020 Chainsaw

  • The bar and chain sure can use ace lubrication or you are looking at fast wear and tear if not accidents. The self-oiling feature is therefore one of the most sublime design elements in this saw.
  • You can perform not just quick cuts but smooth ones too. This is due to the low kickback element from Oregon incorporated into the bar and chain mechanism.
  • The battery is lithium-ion and is unique in that it can stay charged for up to five times longer than other electric let alone gas powered chainsaws.
  • Essentially battery powered, you can of course get a lot more work done without overspending or overexerting.
  • Pruning and trimming are part of the saw’s work possibilities. It is also great for branch and thicker tree limb cutting.
  • The maximum power output capacity of 20 volts packs quite the punch, in the practical and effective sense of the word.
  • Weighing a total of 7.2 pounds, the saw is not altogether lightweight but it is indeed portable and convenient where handholds are concerned.
  • It is relatively noiseless, rendering the saw great for use at dawn or dusk (or other unconventional times) and it will not pose a disturbance.
  • Its fade free performance is lauded.


  • The LCS1020 can handle branches 4-5 inches in diameter, meaning any and all heavy-duty cutting is exempt; it is not advisable lest you damage the saw.
  • No matter what trick you attempt, it will not accept a 40-volt battery. They LCS1020 is specifically designed for use with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery.
  • There have been complaints of oil leaks due to automatic oil plug loosening. Using the saw is possible but not for all angles.


Things To Remember About The Black & Decker LCS1020

1. Usage – Self-oiling (no manual oiling required) and tool-less chain tensioning means limited maintenance demands placed on the user. The ergonomic design makes it easy to work with the saw for extended periods of time. One more point in its favor is the inclusion of a traditional primer that helps with the self-oiling mechanism; the chain and bar are kept adequately lubricated at all times.

2. Safety – Despite the LCS1020 being easy to handle and that it works better and for longer than some other saw types on the market, wearing protective gloves (industrial grade) is a wise move. The Black & Decker LCS1020is no exception to the safety rule.

  • Do not begin work without safety goggles to help prevent flying debris from getting in the eye.
  • Wear durable clothes that are not also heavy. You need layered protection without any of the added weight.
  • A mask is indeed called for to keep out fine dust that rises into the air during cutting and trimming jobs. If you lack access to a face mask, tie a handkerchief instead.


The Black & Decker LCS1020 displays one of the best maneuverability statistics among electric chainsaws of its type and range; little wonder how it became a hit among professionals and DIY-ers alike.

It needs little to no maintenance; just the odd tweak now and again. The self-oiling and self-tensioning features work magic on the saw’s lifespan. The battery promotes longer run times (five times more than other saws).

Cutting, pruning, trimming, and related tasks are a breeze for the Black & Decker LCS1020. The 10-inch bar and chain is heavy-duty in nature but bear in mind that the saw is best for light- and medium-duty work only. In other words, the chain is tough but not that tough. Other than some tightening trouble with the oil plug, the LCS1020’s affordable price provides outstanding value for money.

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