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46 Best Woodworking Projects For Beginners

Do you want to build something completely new from scratch, but you have little to no woodworking skills?

If so, there are numerous woodworking projects that you can take on. And the best thing is you don’t even have to be a woodworking pro to complete them!

If you’re looking for the best woodworking projects for beginners, then you’re in the right place. We’ll give you some neat project ideas.

From small projects that can take a few minutes to larger projects. You will have full of ideas and inspirations for your next project.

46 Woodworking Projects For Beginners


1. Wooden Sofa Sleeve

Wooden Sofa Sleeve With Cup Holder

A nice and simple project, to begin with, would be a wooden sofa sleeve. This sleeve can be used for placing your cup down safely.

It will also provide you some stability if you want to place other things on it while you’re on the couch.

You only need three pieces of wood, put them together, and create a hole for the cup. It’s as simple as that. But be mindful of the measures, too.

Project details:

2. Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden Candle Holder

If you love to light up candles in the evening, then you’ll love this idea. This wooden candle holder will only take you minutes or a couple of hours at most to finish. You need one piece of wood, and a hole maker to make the holes.

You can style it in your own way, too. It makes a nice decorative element. But it will also protect the candle wax from spilling all over your table, for example.

Project details:

3. Simple Wooden Bench

Simple Wooden Bench

One of the best projects for beginners is this wooden bench. It might seem intimidating at first, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to build.

You can use this bench in your garden, your shed, or even in your home.

It fits nicely with rustic elements, but above all, it’s easy to make. Consider this woodworking idea if you’re a beginner.

Project details:

4. DIY Wooden iPad Dock

DIY Wooden iPad Dock

Do you own an iPad or you have a relative who owns one? Then you must know the struggle of keeping your iPad up without actually holding it.

The simple solution is to make an iPad dock on your own. You can easily create one with a small wooden block, a drill, and some handy tools you should own.

Project details:

5. Wooden Beer Caddy

Wooden Beer Caddy

Are you a beer type of person? Then you’ll just love this idea by DIY Candy. You can make a simple beer caddy in less than a few hours.

And the best of all is that this product is highly practical. At the same time, you can even customize its looks by adding pieces of silverware of your choice.

Project details:

6. Wall Wine Holder

Wall Wine Holder

Alternatively, if you’re a wine lover, then you can liven up your living room or kitchen with this wooden wine stand.

Just a couple of screws, a few pieces of wood, a miter saw, a drill, and some planning, and you’re good to go. Next time someone visits, you’ll proudly show off your favorite wines.

Project details:

7. Wooden Arrow Tutorial

Wooden Arrow Tutorial

Check out this nice wooden decor idea. These simple wooden arrows can be hung above the bed, or in your living room.

These wooden arrows are easy to make. Add them to your living room or room and enjoy it!

Project details:

8. Wooden Bird House

Wooden Bird House
Anyone here that loves woodworking and wants their kids to get into it, too? Then this project is for you. Making this wooden birdhouse is an easy project for beginners, but also for kids.

It’s a fun experience for kids who want to get into woodworking. It’s surely going to inspire a lot of enthusiasm. It’s also a nice little project if you’re a beginner.

Project details:

9. Wooden Doormat

DIY Wooden Doormat

Do you need a need doormat? Then this project idea is for you. And the best thing about it is that it’s not complicated at all!

All you’ll need are some wooden planks or smaller, straight pieces of wood, and a bit of string. And the doormat looks very nice, so you can use it straight away at your home’s entrance!

Project details:

10. Bathtub Tray

Bathtub Tray

Are you someone who likes to have long and relaxing baths? Then you also need something to place your things on.

And this bathtub tray is a fantastic idea. It allows you to drop your food or drink onto the tray and just enjoy the moment. No more leaning around and reaching for your drinks!

Project details:

11. Wooden X Side Table

DIY Wooden X Side Table

This project is already slightly more advanced, but still simple enough for a beginner to handle. You’ll need some wood and some basic woodworking tools to get this project done. And a good plan, of course.

You’ll be able to create a very practical table that you’ll be able to use in various ways.

It can act as a standalone table, or you can even use it as a coffee table. Or, place it in your garden and you’ll have somewhere to relax.

Project details:

12. Hanging Basket Frame

Hanging Basket Frame
This wooden frame is ideal for hanging flower pots from it. Alternatively, it can also be for hanging baskets or other decorative elements.

Creating this wooden frame is fairly easy. You’ll need three pieces of wood, make some quick cuts, and screw the wooden pieces together.

Project details:

13. Serving Tray

Serving Tray

Surprise your spouse or partner and bring them breakfast to bed with this simple wooden serving tray.

Alternatively, this tray can be used for meals but also for serving drinks.

Or imagine that cold winter night when you crave some tea or hot chocolate. Make your experience even more unforgettable with this wooden serving tray.

Project details:

14. Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer

Every home needs a shoe organizer like this. Did you know that making one is very easy, though?

Follow the instructions given here, and you’ll be able to create one in a matter of hours!

Project details:

15. Key Holder For Walls

Key Holder for Walls

This key holder is already slightly more advanced, but still relatively simple. It’s so versatile, though. You can use it to hang your keys, umbrella, coat, scarf, purse, or other accessories.

It’s just perfect for entrances or hallways. Not only is this keyholder practical, but it’s also very adorable. It fits very nicely with the rustic style that many modern designers love.

Project details:

16. Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon

What if you could make your own spoons without buying them? Well, you can now with this idea and recipe! This recipe is somewhat different as it uses primitive tools to get the final product.

But almost every home should have these tools, and hopefully, you do too. It’s just amazing what we can achieve with some easy and primitive tools.

Project details:

17. DIY Cutting Board From Scrap Wood

DIY Cutting Board From Scrap Wood

Another piece of kitchen equipment that you can make yourself. This cutting board will serve you well. It also looks great, and after some refinement, it can look awesome.

It’s not that complicated to make a simple cutting board. This easy tutorial will tell you everything you’ll need for a cutting board.

Project details:

18. Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder

Take a look at this interesting little napkin holder. It’s an ideal project for beginners. But it’s also very well suited for kids.

This napkin holder is a cool project that won’t take you that long. But it will satisfy your woodworking itch. You can even make multiple of these and gift them to your family and friends.

Project details:

19. Curvy Side Table

Curvy Side Table

Take a look at this wooden table – doesn’t it look nice? Well, you can easily create it on your own, and you’ll need some power saws such as band saw or scroll saw and basic woodworking tools to get it done.

It might look a bit complicated for beginners. But when you take a closer look at the table and the recipe, then you’ll notice that it’s not complicated at all. You can even customize it and color it in such a way that it suits your style!

Project details:

20. Wooden Supply Tray

Wooden Supply Tray

Here’s a cool project that might take a while – a nice supply tray for keeping your things organized. You can store office supplies or other smaller things in there of personal nature.

The project might take you a bit longer. But the best thing is that it’s going to teach you new skills when it comes to woodworking.

Project details:

21. Lap Desk

Lap Desk

If you’re someone who uses their laptop in their bed, then this lap desk will definitely serve you well. It’s a very simple project, too, as you’ll be able to get it done in no time.

The cool thing is that the end product is an incredibly practical one, too. You can easily sit or lay on your bed and place the laptop onto the desk without getting too much heat from the laptop.

Project details:

22. Hanging Planter

DIY Hanging Planter

You can create this plant hanger for less than $20! If you love plants and are proud of them, then you want to display them and show them off to your guests.

This project will suit you really well in that case. This simple plant hanger is a fantastic project for beginners. Alternatively, it also makes a great gift for a plant lover you know!

Project details:

23. Candy Dispenser

Candy Dispenser

Do you love candy? Do your kids love candy? Check. Are you a beginner woodworker? Check. If you tick all the boxes or just one, you simply have to try this project.

It’s the good old candy dispenser that has been around for a while. But it’s still a very fun project. In essence, it’s fairly straightforward as you need to create a hole that’s big enough for the type of candy you eat.

Project details:

24. Wooden Stool

Wooden Stool

A wooden stool is always handy. Whether it’s for taking a break and relaxing, or if you want to use it to reach higher levels, it can be incredibly useful.

And making one is also not very complicated. This tutorial will only show you the basics of making a wooden stool. You can then proceed to style it and craft it in such a way that suits your style.

Project details:

25. DIY Media Box

DIY Media Box

A media box like this really makes for a nice little project you can try. All you’ll need is three pieces of wood, some glue, and some willingness to learn.

Once you complete the project, you can freely use it in your home. You can place a TV on top, and you can also choose to place other pieces of media under the box.

Project details:

26. Wooden Tree Swing

Wooden Tree Swing

Roll back the years and become youthful again with this nice little wooden swing. You can use it on your own. Of course, it’s also great for kids, too.

Just make sure you’re not too heavy for the swing, although it should hold any weight comfortably. Hang it somewhere safe, though.

Project details:

27. DIY Pet Bed

DIY Pet Bed

Do you have a pet? Whether you have a dog or a cat, this pet bed is a fantastic idea to make your pet friend comfortable.

You can use some old pieces of wood. Or you can also use brand new pieces of wood, although that might take some more work.

But all in all, it’s still a simple project that’s suitable even for the real beginners.

Project details:

28. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Take a look at this idea: a desk organizer that’s easy to make. Do you constantly lose pencils, or perhaps do your children often lose track of them, too?

This desk organizer will help you keep things organized on your desk. You can store your phone there, your pencils, and other accessories that might be lying around on your desk.

Project details:

29. Magazine Holder

Magazine Holder

Magazines tend to pile up in all corners of your home. If you’re unorganized with your magazines, you’ll find them anywhere around your home.

The solution is this simple wooden magazine holder. As you can see, it has the X-shape, which makes it easy for you to place magazines onto the holder. It will also look nice but above all, it’s incredibly easy to make.

Project details:

30. Wooden Address Number

DIY Address Number Wall Planter

Decorate your front door with this wooden address number sign. You can even place some flowers next to the sign!

This wooden address will make your home stand out in the neighborhood. Make your neighbors envious with this easy to make wooden address sign.

Project details:

31. Wedding Wine Box

Wedding Wine Box

Are you looking for the perfect wedding present? Then this wedding wine box is a fantastic option. It shows that you care about the person getting married. You’re building the wine box yourself!

What’s more, you can style the box in any way you want. You can even write the date of the wedding onto the box, just like the picture shows. But, you can still be creative with it and style it in your own way.

Project details:

32. Bike Stand

Bike Stand

If you own a bike, then you need a bike stand. Whether you live in a house or in a flat, there might not be supporting places where you can place your bike.

Luckily, you can make one yourself. This simple wooden bike stand will allow you to let your bike rest comfortably.

Project details:

33. Tic Tac Toe Game DIY

Tic Tac Toe Game DIY

Create this DIY tic tac toe game from wooden blocks. This game does have a Christmas theme to it, though.

It’s a perfect project for kids and beginners alike. This game would make an excellent birthday present, or even a Christmas present. You can always change the patterns on the blocks yourself.

Project details:

34. Wooden Bar Stools

Wooden Bar Stools

These bar stools look simple, but they are also very stylish. These can be a great addition to your outside private bar.

Alternatively, they will look very nice in your home bar. There’s plenty of wiggle room when it comes to decoration, too.

Project details:

35. Wooden Christmas Tree

Wooden Christmas Tree

During Christmas time, everyone will be looking for the perfect home decor. What if you can make it on your own?

This is the perfect example of how you can use your imagination to create home decor. And the best thing is that you can scale the tree how you want it.

Project details:

36. Metal Pipe Table

DIY Metal Pipe Table

Don’t be scared if you’re new to woodworking. This project might seem complex, but in reality, it’s a very simple one.

You will need some metal pipes to go with the wood, though. This table can actually be quite sturdy, so it will certainly be useful around your home.

Project details:

37. Magazine Storage Containers

Magazine Storage Containers

Keeping your magazines can sometimes be hard since you’re likely to be keeping many magazines around your home.

You can make your job much easier by creating these magazine storage containers. It’s a super simple project that will cost you less than $20 and a few hours to make.

Project details:

38. Modern Wall Clock

Modern Wall Clock

How about this modern wall clock? Did you know that you can make it on your own? Yes, it’s surprisingly easy to make it, too. Take a look at the details and try it on your own!

Project details:

39. Mudroom Bench To Shoe Storage

Mudroom Bench To Shoe Storage

Are you tired of guests or kids taking mud into the house with their shoes? Then you can create this mudroom bench.

It would be perfect for entrances and for halls where you plan to entertain guests. They can put their shoes on the bench and change them. Or you can use it for your family.

Project details:

40. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

This desk lamp is actually very simple – you won’t need fancy tools to make it. It’s just an idea, although it’s not a very big project.

Project details:

41. Farmhouse Desk

DIY Farmhouse Desk

Do you want to make a desk like this? You can! With these instructions, even beginners will be able to complete this project.

It’s a fairly simple one, even if it might look slightly more complex. Just follow the instructions, and get it done like an expert.

Project details:

42. Rustic Bench

Rustic Bench

A rustic bench like this might look hard to make. But once you see the instructions, you’ll see just how easy it is to make.

This rustic bench is an amazing idea for your front yard, or your garden. You can just sit down and observe the surroundings. Above all, it’s easy to make.

Project details:

43. DIY Outdoor Chair

DIY Modern Outdoor Chair

This outdoor chair would be fantastic for your garden, wouldn’t it? What if you could make it on your own?

With just some trying and a good plan, you can create a fantastic chair just like this.

Project details:

44. Wooden Squat Rack

Wooden Squat Rack

Are you a gym enthusiast? Then this gym squat rack will serve you very well! You know that gym equipment can cost you a ton of money, so why not make it on your own?

With these instructions and a little imagination, you’ll be able to create a great wooden squat rack to help you get those “gains”.

Project details:

45. Designer Wood Table

Designer Wood Table

This table sure looks nice and fancy, but it doesn’t take a woodworking pro to create it. It’s a relatively small table, and it’s also a small project to handle.

You can see that it’s comprised of several small wooden pieces. It takes some cutting and gluing together to create a table like this, but nothing too fancy.

Project details:

46. Bluebird House

Bluebird House

Let’s end with this beautiful little birdhouse! It’s an easy project that even kids can take on without problems.

Keep your birds protected in the event of bad weather, and give them some food. It’s great for beginners. Who doesn’t want to create a birdhouse like this?

Project details:


These woodworking projects for beginners are amazing if you’re just starting out. But at the same time, they will allow you to learn a lot about woodworking.

This comprehensive list will leave you amazed at how much you can do with minimal tools.

If you enjoyed the list, please share this article. Which project did you like the most? We want to hear from you in the comments.

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