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50 Free Scroll Saw Patterns For Beginners and Advanced Woodworkers

Having a scroll saw is helpful if you’re looking to make some scroll saw patterns. Besides, scroll saw projects are some of the most woodworking projects that you can engage in.

And in this post, we’re going to look at some of the best free scroll saw patterns that you could make with your scroll saw.

50 Free Scroll Saw Patterns For Beginners and Advanced Woodworkers

50 Free Scroll Saw Patterns

1. Autumn Leaves Coasters

Autumn Leaves Coasters

This is a free scroll saw pattern with autumn leaves prints. It contains all the steps that you will follow to replicate it, and this makes it ideal for all woodworkers, especially the beginners.

You can as well make the patterns if you’re looking to improve your scroll saw skills.

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2. Pocket Stuff Dish

Pocket Stuff Dish

If you’re looking for a handy place to keep pocket items such as car keys and watches, you should make this dish using your scroll saw. This dish pattern comes with a detailed guide and images.

And this makes it a nice deal for both beginners and advanced woodworkers. With this scroll saw pattern, you can develop your DIY scroll saw skills.

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3. The Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

This is a wooden fruit basket that you can make with a scroll saw. It has a downloadable plan, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced woodworkers.

Besides, it is free since it is a sample by If you’re into DIY scroll saw projects, you might find this one refreshing.

4. Penny Bank Pattern

Penny Bank Pattern
This is a scroll saw pattern by Steve. It is free and has a downloadable plan that you can use to make a new one like it.

If you’re looking to make an item for storing your Washington quarter coins, then this scroll saw pattern will come in handy.

It has a decoration that’s beautiful though you can add yours if you don’t like it. It is, therefore, leaves room for customization.

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5. Scroll Saw Wall Shelf Plan

Scroll Saw Wall Shelf Plan
If you’re looking to build a shelf using your scroll saw, then you might find this pattern very useful. It comes with a plan that you can follow during your DIY projects for home improvement.

And since it is a free pattern, it means you will not have to spend a penny to get the plans, and this makes it best for beginners even further. But it may be a little challenging with this pattern.

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6. Pumpkin Candle Tray

Pumpkin Candle Tray

Halloween is the time to showcase your creativity. And you can do so by decorating your house with one of these pumpkin candle trays. The good news is that you can make one with a scroll saw. And you will get instructions on how to making it.

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7. Witch’s Brew Layerscape

Witch’s Brew Layerscape

Halloween gets better if you have a spooky item to show to everyone around your home. This scroll saw patters depicts a witch in a brew landscape, making it an interesting piece for everyone.

You can make your own with a scroll saw and you get a plan for making it if you choose it. It is free, and this makes it great for all woodworkers at various skill levels.

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8. A Wooden Human Skeleton

A Wooden Human Skeleton

Give your neighbors and guests alike a cold shiver by creating this wooden human skeleton using a scroll saw. This piece of art is ideal for Halloween.

Also, it is a great piece to make if you’re into DIY projects. It comes with a downloadable plan, and this makes it easy to make for beginners.

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9. Grandparents Sign

Grandparents Sign
Our grandparents are very special people to us, and they’re more than family. That’s because they take good care of us and pass down a very important history unto us.

So, what’s a better way of appreciating them other than thanking them with a sign that lets them know how important they’re to us?

With this 2D piece of scroll saw pattern, you can let your grandparents know that they’re special people in your life!

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10. Butterfly Magnets

Butterfly Magnets

The good news is that you don’t need fancy pieces of wood to make these innovative magnet designs. Just from scrap wood, you can make your butterfly scroll saw patterns!

And if you have kids, you can invite them over and join you in your DIY adventure. This is a great way to spend family time together. And at the same time, you will be helping the kids acquire hands-on skills.

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11. Cabinet Fretwork Panels

Cabinet Fretwork Panels

If you’re looking to make a cabinet, you could use a plan to help you make an excellent scroll saw fretwork panels. But finding fretworks for your cabinet shouldn’t be a problem as you can use these ones.

What’s more, the plan for this scroll saw pattern is free since you can download it! And this makes it a great pattern for both professional woodworkers and beginners.

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12. Lovebird Plate Holder

Lovebird Plate HolderTake your woodworking skills to the next level by making this plate holder for your kitchen using a scroll saw.

If you choose this pattern for your DIY project, you not only learn about the tools to use but also get a plan for free.

As a result, you will be able to replicate this beautiful piece of art. And since it comes with a plan details, it is a great piece for professionals and beginners alike.

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13. Tropical Fish Bowl

Tropical Fish Bowl
This is a beautiful piece of scroll saw pattern by Steve Good. It comes with a downloadable plan that makes it easy for you to make your own piece of art.

This makes it a nice DIY woodworking project for beginners. If you need to sharpen your skills, you can take on this project without much of a challenge!

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14. Freestanding VW Beetle Puzzle

Freestanding VW beetle puzzle

This scroll saw pattern shows a vintage car make – a Volkswagen beetle. It brings a sense of love for timeless and priceless cars that show our auto vehicle history.

What’s more, this pattern contains different pieces of wood pieced together through a puzzle.

You can also make yours using a scroll saw. Besides, there is a downloadable plan so you can still replicate it without much of a challenge.

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15. Noah’s Ark Puzzle Pattern

Noah’s Ark puzzle pattern

As a Christian scroller, you can build a small version of Noah’s ark by using a plan and your scroll saw. You can then use it for decoration around your window space or table spaces.

If you’re looking to create such a small project, then you might find this scroll saw pattern very useful. Besides, this pattern comes with 3 downloadable plans! And this makes its creation a total breeze.

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16. Fish Come In Three Sizes

Fish Come In Three Sizes

Just like all other scroll saw patterns on the list, this one too has a downloadable plan to work with. As such, it is very easy to make, even for beginners.

It passes a hilarious story that might make your visitors laugh, making it a nice piece to make your home friendly.

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17. Ornament Fretwork Cross

ornament fretwork cross

This woodcraft depicts the Christian cross, which is a symbol of faith. It is a beautiful piece that you can make with a scroll saw.

And if you’d love to make it, you’re going to need a plan. Fortunately, it comes with a plan that you can use to make one like it. Besides, it fits perfectly inconspicuous places such as a church wall.

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18. Ribbon Ornaments

Ribbon Ornaments

These croll saw patterns are ideal for celebrating various occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. And they also make a great gift for loved ones.

With the addition of ribbon patterns to them, they become more than just a piece of art – the also become peace.

You can make the patterns with a scroll saw even if you’re a novice in the woodworking DIY projects. Besides, they come with a plan to help you out!

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19. Monogram Circular Patterns

Monogram Circular Patterns
These scroll saw patterns depic minimalistic monograms done in a curvy font. The monograms are enclosed within onval borders. And this makes then a great addition to any craft.

If you’d like to replicate them, you’re going to need a plan. But lucky for you, they come with a downloadable plan.

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20. Wooden Basket From A Single Board

Wooden Basket From A Single Board
This is a wooded basket that comes in a “weave” pattern. As such it creates a perfect tablescape, especially during summer.

You can place fruits such as pears, apples, and bananas, for a great centerpiece on your dining table.

It comes with a plan to help you make it exactly how it is on the picture. As such, you can make this scroll saw pattern even if you’re a beginner.

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21. The Picnic Basket Patterns

The Picnic Basket Patterns
If you need harder and sturdier picnic baskets, you can use wood as your material, and scroll saw as a tool.

This is a great DIY project for woodworkers using a scroll saw as their tool.

These are beautiful pieces that celebrate your workmanship. However, you will need to seal them with a food-safe finish if you intend to store foods in them.

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22. Christmas Tree Patterns

Christmas Tree Patterns

Christmas is more than just a holiday because you get to spend quality time with friends and family. So, why not spend some time to give your Christmas tree some decorations?

And what’s a better way of decorating it other than using some wood-made Christmas tree patterns? You can get a full plan for making these wooden Christmas tree patterns.

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23. Fretwork Pumpkin Patterns

Fretwork Pumpkin Patterns
If you’re a farmer and a scroller, you could celebrate your two livelihood skills by making these scroll saw patterns that depict pumpkins.

They’re very easy to make since they come with a downloadable plan. Your work will not only be easier but will take a short time as well. This DIY project is also good for advanced woodworkers as it is to beginners.

Source details:

24. Dove Patterns With Colored Wood Ribbons

Dove Patterns With Colored Wood Ribbons

If you have a Christmas tree, you can decorate it with these dove patterns. These scroll saw patterns aren’t just for Christmas alone, but charity moments as well. What’s more, you get a plan for making these decorative items.

As a result, you will be able to replicate them even if you’re a beginner. You can consider staining the ribbons with other colors for additional decoration beauty.

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25. Name In A Fun Puzzle

Name In A Fun Puzzle
If you have kids or a special lifetime partner, you can make them a name puzzle made of wood. Of course, you will need to source quality wood materials.

And then use a scroll saw to make them something more than just a gift – a name puzzle!

The good news is that you can always find a plan for making the names. And this makes it very easy for beginners to make such gifts.

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26. Personalized Keychain Holder

Personalized Keychain Holder
It’s amazing what you can accomplish with wood and a scroll saw! You can make your loved ones a keychain holder with their names cut out of the keychain holder.

DIY keychains are a great way to gift family members such as a spouse, kids, and brothers. Making them is quite easy if you have a plan to work with. Fortunately, this one comes with such a plan.

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27. Round Scroll Saw Ornament

round scroll saw ornement

If you’re beginning to master the skill of making scroll saw pattern, a little practice will help. And this pattern will work up your skills thus advancing them.

You can practice by making this pattern. And your work should be easy since this pattern comes with a plan that you can download.

Source details:

28. Rocking Chair With A Clock

Rocking Chair With A Clock
With this small, whim-looking clock pattern, you can turn your windowsill into a “museum.” The backrest of this tiny chair has a small clock, giving it a contemporary finish.

To make this pattern, a plan will come in handy. Fortunately, you get a plan to work with. And this will make sure your work is complete within a short time.

Source details:

29. Layered Box With Art Deco Design

Layered Box With Art Deco Design
This woodcraft consists of woodcutting, layered, and glued together. The result is a modern scroll saw craft that has excellent visual appeal.

People can interpret it differently since we all perceive information differently.

However, it is still a beautiful piece that you could make if you have the right materials. But that should never be a problem since you get a plan to help you piece all the parts together.

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30. Inlaid Boxes With Compartments

Inlaid Boxes With Compartments

If you need to store and organize smaller items such as car keys, you might need one of these inlaid boxed. The wood material is high-quality and the boxes have compartments that slit their interiors.

This makes them ideal for storing multiple small items that might be hard to find if misplaced. Making them and slitting their interior is a breeze since you get a plan. As such, even beginners can make them.

Source details:

31. Clock Hands Collection

Clock Hands Collection
If you’re looking to make a handmade wooden cloth, you might need this clock hand collection. These collections come from an old English book.

As such, they will make your clock have that vintage look that’s the neighborhood envy.

You get a plant to make these scroll saw patterns if you choose this option. As a result, your craftwork might be easier than you anticipated.

Source details:

32. The Music Rest For Grand Piano

Music Rest For Grand Piano

This is another beautiful scroll saw pattern to make. It depicts a tree with silhouette leaves, fruits, and birds. As such, it adds a beautiful decoration to such musical instruments such as a grand piano.

Although making it might be quite a challenge to beginners, advanced woodworkers might not face the same uphill task. Besides, it comes with a downloadable plant to help you out.

Source details:

33. Scrollsaw Coaster Patterns

Scrollsaw Coaster Patterns

Today, it is quite common to find coasters in pubs, bars, and restaurants. Their sole purpose is to protect the tabletop or table cloth from the dripping beverage.

Since coasters are usually made of cardboard, you can also use wood to make them.

With a scroll saw, you can make excellent coaster patterns like the ones on the picture above. What’s more, you get a plan to work with. As such, crafting these coasters might be easy for beginners as well.

Source details:

34. Circular Scroll Saw Pattern

Circular Scroll Saw Pattern

If you need a frame for your picture, consider this circular scroll saw pattern. This free scroll saw pattern has a circular border with a circular cutout center.

You can put items such as a picture in the cutout center, thus making a picture frame.

You can also insert other items into the cutout center. Making this craft is, however, quite a breeze. That’s because this pattern has a plan to help you in your DIY project.

Source details:

35. Pegasus Panel Pattern

Pegasus Panel Pattern

This is a beautiful scroll saw pattern with a Pegasus at the center of a circular border. It is a beautiful piece of art that you can hang on a wall in your home.

If you like to get handy, take a scroll saw and craft this frame from wood. It comes with a plan and downloadable, meaning beginners can also make it. But this pattern is not simple

If you’d like to add more aesthetics to your masterpiece, consider staining it with other colors.

Source details:

36. Bamboo Triptych

Bamboo Triptych
These scroll saw patterns depict a bamboo tree and a bird. They consist of bamboo trees and bird cutouts. These are some of the easiest patterns to make.

As such, beginners might appreciate their skills at the end of a DIY project. You get a downloadable plant to make your work easier if you opt for these patterns.

Source details:

37. Scroll Saw Shelf Bracket Pattern

Scroll Saw Shelf Bracket Pattern

Building a storage shelf requires shelf brackets. While you could buy such brackets, you can make yours if you have wood and a scroll saw.

Choose from the patterns above and equip your shelf with a bracket that will enhance a vintage taste. These patterns come with a plan to help you make them without problems.

Source details:

38. Scroll Saw Box

Scroll Saw Box

This is a scroll saw box with patterns on its parts. The patterns are nature-inspired, and this is an appreciation to mother nature.

You can make the patterns on the parts using either a scroll saw machine or a CNC laser cutter. And making the patterns is not a problem since you get a plan to work with.

Source details:

39. Ornate Mini Bookshelf

Ornate Mini Bookshelf

This is a bookshelf with ornate fretworks for storing books. It is ideal for young kids and can make a beautiful gift. These shelves blend with any house décor, especially vintage ones.

If you’d like to make scroll saw patterns like these, be sure to download the plan. The plan will guide you so you can make an excellent copy. With a plan, your project will take a short time to be completed.

Source details:

40. Full Moon Nightlight

Full Moon Nightlight

Celebrate your nights with this beautiful piece of nightlight. It has a woodwork frame with fretwork accents, giving it a nice vintage touch.

The color stains give it a more natural jungle look, and you can maintain the color staining when making yours. But if you’d love to explore another color staining, you’re much welcome to do so.

If you’re planning to make this workpiece, consider looking at the plan that will also guide you on the tools to use.

Source details:

41. Make A Lily Pad Box

Make A Lily Pad Box

You can make a lily pad box with ease if you have a plan. Although the lily pad box in the picture above is circular, you can make yours in different shapes. Let the natural world inspire the shape of your lily pad box.

Some of the shapes to try out include a leaf, flower, stars, and the sun. But if you want to make a circular one like the one in this picture, consider using the plan that it comes with.

Source details:

42. Filigree Fretwork Hearts

Filigree Fretwork Hearts

These fretwork designs are inspired by the Battenberg lace for valentine. They’re easier to make since you get a plan to help you in your DIY project.

After making them, you can use them to make jewelry as gifts for loved ones. They’re simple to make yet they look sophisticated. And beginners can appreciate their skills once they complete the project.

Source details:

43. Jaguar Scroll Saw Pattern

Jaguar scroll saw pattern

Evoke the beauty of a jaguar on a piece of wood using your scroll saw. You can begin by downloading a jaguar pattern for this project.

And then proceed to make the patterns using a scroll saw, following the plan that you will get for free. If you’re an animal enthusiast, this project might appeal to you.

Link source details:

44. Geometric Square Pattern
Geometric square pattern

Master the geometry square and then craft it on any wood surface. This will make sure that you add aesthetics to any wood material you’re working on.

And as a beginner, you can sharpen your skills by completing this DIY woodworking project. Besides, there is a plan to help you create a masterpiece.

Source details:

45. Color and Shapes Puzzle

Shapes and Colours Wooden Puzzle

If you’re a beginner and you have kids, this scroll saw pattern is for you. It is simpler to make and comes with a plan. Also, it is ideal for kids to play with.

You can use it to teach kids about different shapes. As such, it might act as a handy learning aid, especially for young kids.

Source details:

46. Bear Puzzle

Bear Puzzle
Again, this scroll saw pattern might be for kids. Besides, it comes with a downloadable plan.

The plan has detailed instructions that are easy to follow. And with just about any wood material, you can make this scroll saw pattern for the kids!

Source details:

47. Family Sign

Family Sign

Create a family sign and put it up so you can appreciate every member. You can make this sign with ordinary wood material and a scroll saw.

The downloadable plan has simple-to-follow steps, making it an ideal project for beginners. You can then treat the wood for durability. And this way, the sign will stand the test of time.

Source details:

48. Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar

Keep track of days using this perpetual calendar. It allows you to manually adjust the date and month with ease. And this makes it easy to track days and months.

The good news is that it comes with a plan to help you make it. And it makes a great gift to special people in your life like a spouse, kid, siblings, or parents.

Source details:

49. Chopping Board
Chopping Board

Making a chopping board is not as complicated as making other woodwork pieces. But it requires some skills. Chopping boards come in handy during cooking sessions.

You can make a beautiful chopping board by crafting it from wood using a scroll saw. And if you’re looking to make this chopping board, use the downloadable plan below.

Source details:

50. Old Car Scroll Saw Patterns
Old Car Scroll Saw Patterns

Vintage cars explain the history of automobiles. They’re a reminder of how far we’ve come as humanity as far as transportation evolution is concerned.

As such, vintage cars bring unexplained quirkiness that is timeless and ageless. You can replicate their shapes on a wood surface if you have a scroll saw.

Thankfully, you can access a downloadable plan to help you make their patterns on a wood surface!

Source details:


Scroll saw works are delicate and any mishap could ruin your masterpiece. As such, you need a plan beforehand to avoid messing things up. Fortunately, we have shared a few free, scroll saw patterns to help you out.

Now, you can make those patterns on a wood surface if you have a scroll saw. Besides, the patterns that we’ve shared come with a plan. And this means beginners and advanced woodworkers can make them.

We hope that this post was useful to you. Did you like it? If yes, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment box down below.

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